Alan James Vaughn
Artistic Creator
About the Artist
   I was born in 1959 to an Air Force father and wonderfully creative mother in Florida. After a short stay there the family was off to Germany for a few years then back to the States and then on to Florida where he spent the rest of his younger life enjoying swimming, fishing, running around like a wild child and getting into trouble, that the parents didn't know about. After my father passed away, my mother moved us to El Paso where I went through Jr High and High School and then on to the University of Texas until I couldn't stand school anymore.
   During all of my life I've doodled, drrawn, painting and took a few art classes in school. Ok allot of art classes. It was better than Chemistry! I rode my bike and skateboard all over the place and spent many wonderful rides down Trans-Mountain road in the Franklin Mountains at speeds close to 60 MPH until the cops said no more. What a bummer!
   After getting married to my first wife, I joined the Air Force, learned more about computers, then was stationed at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha Nebraska. A great place! After leaving the service I got a divorce, then moved to Juneau Alaska with my brother Forrest and had a great time working in computers and fishing for the rest of the day. What great Sport Fishing.
   After a few years I moved back to the Lower 48 and got married again. We had 3 wonderful boys and a large contingent of dogs and a few cats over the next 20+ years. I worked various jobs over the years until finally taking an apprentice machining class. After finishing the top of my class I went on to work in Inspection in the Aerospace Industry were I still spends my days to pay the bills so I can share my love of art with others without the need to sell it. Instead, I now do prints to give away to friends and people I like or nice people that ask for a print.

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