I'm Alan James Vaughn. I'm from The Valley of the Sun in Az but I've lived all over the place. I've been an artist since I was about 7 years old. I started drawing and painting choppers style motorcycles like the ones the Military guys across the street from my family built and rode. Of course those works were on illustration board with Testor's model paint. That's all we had!
    I've enjoyed all types of instruction in Jr High and High school and a little in college. But have developed my own techniques and style for doing everything from watercolor with fine detail to pen and ink stippling for Sci-Fi subjects and some mixed media. I've also done design work with various metals including a short period of time that I was building custom Mountain Bikes for racing and show. To even a uniquely specialized road bike frame that was ridden by Micheal Secrest to a world record at Phoenix International Raceway that still stands at 1256 miles in 24 hours as a paced record. Some current metal work include Stainless steel mirrors that were in a local dance club.  I'm always experimenting with new stuff since working with something for to long a time gets boring and uncreative. With a little luck I'll have been able to work in as many mediums and mixed mediums that all my friends will have a unique piece from me. I've just recently started doing prints of my smaller stippling works to give away. Besides my art I also enjoy Photography. To the right is a cover photo for Discgolfer Magazine taken at the beginning of March 2013 in Fountain Hills AZ.
 If you'd like a free print, drop me an email.
 I rarely sell originals now unless it is a commissioned piece. Any comments you might have, I'd love to hear them.
I'm currently a member of the Arizona Artist Guild and the Mesa Art League. And I was recently juried into the Arizona art Alliance for my Stippling work.
Thanks for all your support!          Alan
Alan James Vaughn
Artistic Creator
Life is to short to be Bored!
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